I started Aurora Ritzy because I had to dress up 365 days a year. And every morning I had to ask myself the same question: Now how to accessorize my looks? I kept thinking I need more versatile and contemporary pieces to have myself the look I like. I was constantly buying but never had enough as they would go out of fashion or tarnish or were simply too expensive. 

Well! I guess if you want something done, you should do it yourself! I started searching for affordable jewelry that lasts long, is sustainable, looks amazing, and can be mixed and matched with everything! Searching turned into researching and before I know I was ordering my own designs to the factory. 

At Aurora Ritzy  we want to get old with you. We want to be there in many of your occasions and events. We want to be versatile, affordable, high quality, trustworthy and more importantly, we want to be SUSTAINABLE. We want you to feel confident when you are here shopping and be sure you are only benefiting yourself and everybody else. This has been and will be our mission.